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Hello!!! Welcome to Signature Ad.
Operating in the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia, Signature AD is a turnkey solution that designs your exhibition stands and office spaces. With satisfied clients all around Europe we ensure that your messages reach clearly to your target audience. From your visual communications to all other forms of brand messaging, stay sure that you are being catered to by a world class team of professionals.

Our professional designing services help you to be on trend and connect aptly to your patrons. High design and excellent quality are what Signature AD stands for. We understand that every event, office, and brand is unique and hence every arrangement needs to be exclusive. We tailor every design based on the needs of the clients and believe in the complete involvement of our clients as they are an important aspect of the design equation.

Whether designing stands for events or your office spaces, client satisfaction remains to be our motto and seamless delivery our forte. Come to us for your needs and we will treat you with a customized 'one stop shopping solution'.
What’s with ‘Signature’?
Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Our mission at Signature Ad is to use your brand’s uniqueness (Signature) to make it more transparent and reachable. Today, we provide the most actionable signature style to your brand.

Our Philosophy: Every expression is unique.
We don’t have a template because every tale is unique. We use your vision to create authentic, original and unique masterpiece for your brand. Its simple, compelling and appealing. Its about the unique you.
Our Services
We dig, we observe, we ask and brainstorm till we have the insight that makes all the difference. The experiences we create are multiplatform, both online and offline. Everything has one thing in common: a story people can belong to.
Our Services
Our core business is the realization of exhibition projects. We have an excellent track record when it comes to turnkey projects. We work systematically and efficiently from concept to use, storage and reuse. Targeting, cost consciousness, creativity, and up to date materials knowledge, expertise, flexibility and improvisation talent are the key words in this process.
Our work excites the mind. Our designs please the eye. Our strategy connects the heart of your brand to the heart of your consumers. Handle with care: There’s a piece of us in each of our work.
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